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Purchases & Acquisitions.

No need for a converter specialist in-house. With our Supplier Services Platform (SSP), you have access to converter
specialists at your fingertips providing live pricing data, grading assistance, processing information and much more


Understand what material is in your possession and how the PGM market fluctuates.

Purchasing & Management

Have the confidence to buy competitively and profitably while managing your inventory.


Track your material as it moves between processing phases and access your year-to-year converter statistics.

Effective Catalytic Converter Processing
Technologies For Business Success

Receipt / Grading

Shipment arrives at a PMR
facility where it is counted and graded.

Cutting / Crushing

Material is decanned using PMR’s pioneering
technology and crushed for analysis.

Comingling / Sampling

Material is comingled for proper sampling.
Sample is collected for assay.

Laboratory Assay

Sample is analyzed with PMR’s in-house
laboratory using XRF and ICP technologies.

Final Results

A detailed invoice is sent to the supplier including
gross and net weights, PPM results and troy ounce
recovery figures.
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All-Inclusive Catalytic
Converter Services | PMR

Catalytic converters may not be required by law in all countries, but they certainly are required in Canada and the United States.

Partner with a catalytic converter processor that is with you every step of the way. Whether you need:

We work with you, for you, to deliver the most tailored converter package in the industry.

What is a Catalytic Converter?

A catalytic converter (often called a “cat” for short) is a double-ended device within your exhaust system. They convert the harmful emissions of your car into less harmful gasses, filtering those substances through the converter itself.

How Expensive is a Catalytic Converter?

While they’re only a small part of your vehicle as a whole, the price for catalytic converters is high, costing consumers an average of between $1000 and $2000. Luckily, any car sold in the last three and a half decades should already have one; even if yours doesn’t, this investment will likely last the vehicle’s entire lifespan.

Recycle Your Catalytic Converter

When your converter reaches the end of its life, it’s advised that you recycle it. Not only does this keep potentially dangerous materials away from landfills, but it’s also difficult to obtain some of the metals that go into creating these devices.

Need A Catalytic Converter Recycling Company? Call PMR Today!

For a company that will assist you in all of your converter needs, whether buying or selling, PMR provides all-inclusive catalytic converter services. We’ll inform you of any processing information you require and walk you through the converter recycling process, all while providing pricing information.

To see how we can assist you with all of your catalytic converter needs, visit our resource center or contact us today.

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